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Pavis Ankle Stabilizer 17

This device has been studied and produced to stabilize the ankle after serious traumas or muscles-tendons lesions

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This device has been studied and produced to stabilize the ankle after serious traumas or muscles / tendons lesions, when you need to assure an effective immobilization of inversion and eversion movements of the foot, thwarting possible lateral sinking of the joint.

It is composed of two parts: a very thin and easy fitting sock with a posterior opening; a taping bandage, to be applied on the sock, to constantly control inversion and eversion.


  • traumatic pathologies: sprains, tendonitis, luxations;
  • rehab phase: passive support for the ankle functional rehab, it controls inversion and eversion movements of the ankle.

Packaging: 1 piece

Brand: Pavis

Product bar code: 8028718250502 (Size Small)




The posterior opening allows easy and painless application. Thanks to our New Edge closing system, it's possible to choose the desired compression on three different points of the joint.

Specific components:

In order to ensure maximum comfort and tolerance, especially in case of extended use, particular care and attention have been dedicated to the selection of materials and fabrics. As such, our products are made exclusively with all natural, hypo-allergenic and breathable fibers. The inside fabric of this product is the result of a unique PAVIS technology. It is made with a very soft cotton velour providing the skin with an extremely comfortable touch and, at the same time, allowing it to breathe freely all day, even while playing sports.

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Pavis Ankle Stabilizer 17

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