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GanikDerma Ointment 50mL

Burn and wound ointment - made in Italy - medical device

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Brand: Lewis-Medica

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EAN/UPC/GTIN: 4057248000107

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    GanikDerma is a hydroactive medical device that offers a variety of solutions for many skin conditions. It can be a valid aid in the repairing processes of the injured skin, such as scarring of infected wounds, bedsores, dermatitis (from radiotherapy), diabetic foot.

    focus Feuters GanikDerma Ointment:

    • Local treatment of:
      • Acute wounds: 1st and 3rd degree burns, deep ulcers, more or less deep skin excoriations
      • Diabetic foot
      • Bedsores
      • Radiation, contact and atopic dermatitis
      • Eczema
      • Acne and herpes
      • Skin alterations due to laser or chemical peeling

      focus Indications GanikDerma Ointment:

      • Local treatment of acute wounds: first, second a and b, third degree burns, excoriations, ulcerations, other traumatic wounds and other skin injuries
      • Local treatment of pathologic scars (hypertrophic scars or keloids)
      • Local treatment of bed-sores, chronic vascular ulcers, diabetic foot ulcer
      • Local treatment of wet eczemas, contact dermatitis, psoriasis, radiodermatitis
      • Local treatment after chemical or laser peeling
      • Local treatment of the donor area of cutaneous transplant graft

      focus Benefits GanikDerma Ointment:

      • Shorten the time of the wound healing
      • Prevent wound infection, especially those located in risk areas
      • High quality of epithelization, which has an important meaning in case of patients with burns localized on face or chest
      • Special comfort for the patient reducing pain, thus allowing early mobilization
      • It is not adherent (to tissues) to the wound; removal is easy and atraumatic
      • Easy to apply in the case of wounds found in difficult areas (e.g. anatomical folds, mucocutaneous junctions, etc.)
      • No special precautions are necessary regarding use of GanikDerma, unless the patient is allergic to a component of ointment
      • The total costs of treatment per patients could be reduced to up 30% by decreasing the direct costs and indirect costs as well

      Packaging: tube of 50 mL

      Price per liter: 800.00 EUR/L

      Brand: Lewis Medica S.r.l. Line: GanikDerma

      Product bar code (EAN): 4057248000107


      Website: http://ganikderma.com

    How to use:

    The wound must be cleaned with hypertonic solutions (physiological serum, Ringer solution), before each use of the ointment. The ointment is applied on the whole wound or affected surfac in a 1-2 mm layer. A sterile dressing (gauze or nonwoven dressing) is applied on the compress which protects the favorable environment to healing produced by the ointment. The dressing is replaced every day or every two days, depending of the wound. In case of dermatological diseases: the ointment is applied 6-7 times per day, in case of contact dermatitis is located of the hands and twice daily in case of dermatitis is located in other areas or psoriasis. The affected area must be first washed with water and neutral soap.

    Ingredients (INCI):

    Cera, Gum Rosin, Calendula, Ricini Oleum Hidrogenate, Oliven Oleum, Camphora, Boswellia, Bismuthi Subgallas, Helianthus Oleum.

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    GanikDerma Ointment 50mL

    GanikDerma Ointment 50mL

    • Title: Prodotto eccellente by Grazia T. (05-12-2019)
    • Rated: 5/5 stars
    • Review: “Fa miracoli! Sono guarita da una brutta ustione in una decina di giorni.

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