• Ezerex Sachets 128g
  • -6,94%
Ezerex Sachets 128g

Ezerex Sachets 128g […]

Dietary supplement

Sku: 7224

Marca: Sigma-Tau

Codice MPN: 905498996

Weight: 0,19 kgs

Price list: EUR 24,50

Price: EUR 22,80

Savings: EUR 1,70


  • Q.ty:

    Packaging: 20 sachets of 6.40 grams each (Net weight: 128 g)

    Price per kilogram: 178.13 EUR/kg

    Brand: Sigma-Tau Industrie Farmaceutiche Riunite S.p.A.

    Product bar code: 905498996

    Code: EZEREX*INT ALIM 20BS 128G



    L-Arginina; Acidificante: Acido Citrico; Fruttosio, Propionil-L-Carnitina Cloridrato; Aroma: Limone; Edulcorante: Acesulfame K; Aroma: Aroma Acqua Tonica; Acido Nicotinico (Vitamina B3); Edulcorante: Sodio Saccarinato; Antiagglomerante: Silice Colloidale; Colorante: Vitamina B2 (E 101).


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    Ezerex Sachets 128g

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